Tyler Cavanaugh 13 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

The only reason I made this video is because I like this guy’s last name so much. Cavanaugh. Ca-va-naw. It’s just so great. Ca-va-nawwwwww. Got a touch of New England in it, for sure. Is it Irish? It sounds Irish. The NBA needs more Irishmen. Tyler Cavanaugh. He even looks like a leprechaun a little bit. Trade him to the Celtics so I can get a better idea of what he looks like in green.

The Hawks are so bad this year that they are giving rotation minutes to him. I don’t know how many radar screens this guy was on prior to the start of the season, but it can’t have been very many. He just appeared out of nowhere, seeming to be the kind of guy destined to play in the D-League forever, and started doin’ thangs (that’s slang for “doing things”, “things” meaning “crack cocaine”). He had a huge breakout game against New Orleans a month ago, and now he’s back for breakout part 2: revenge of the Irishman.

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