Alec Burks 20 Points Full Highlights (12/9/2017)

Alec Burks is playing so well as of late that I might have to change my channel name, at least temporarily, to “DownToBurk”. If there wasn’t some rookie shooting guard who was stealing all his minutes, Burks would be the starter right now and he would probably be averaging 18 per game. Sadly for Burks fans (including me – remember, I’m “DownToBurk” now), that rookie shooting guard has established himself in the rotation and won’t be dislodged for fear of disrupting his ROTY of the year chances.

Oh yeah, there’s Rodney Hood too. I bet you could play him at small forward, and the Jazz will have to when he comes back, because there’s no way you don’t find minutes for Burks. You either have to find minutes for him or you have to trade him. A trade would be sad because Burks is now on his seventh (?????) season with the Jazz, so he’s got a good chance to be a Jazz lifer, but it might also help him reach his untapped potential, as well as get him away from that evil Mormon curse that keeps afflicting him with injuries.

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