Alex Abrines 20 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (12/9/2017)

The Thunder narrowly avoided yet another disheartening loss to a bad team thanks in large part to Alex Abrines’ pair of overtime triples. It’s almost like someone other than a member of the “big three” is allowed to shoot the ball! Not only was he super clutch, but in what might be a first for the Thunder, they ran a play to get him open, resulting in the final three of his night. If I’m a Grizzlies fan (and it’s plain that I am not), I’m bemoaning how unfair it is that they chose tonight to start running actions to get people open.

Yes, I realize the Thunder have been doing this to varying degrees all season. I’m trying to make a point here, okay, so stop interrupting.

Who knows how good they could be if they did this kind of thing all the time? It’s fun to think about, but probably not ever going to happen. Even these sets for Abrines involved Westbrook holding the ball until someone popped open. It wasn’t, like, a Spurs ball-movement symphony or anything. And it won’t ever be until there is a wholesale culture change, which would probably involve the big three packing their bags and joining up again for the Lakers.

Also: I feel like the Thunder commentator’s calls for Abrines-made shots might be edging towards culturally insensitive, or maybe they’re just stupid fun.

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