David Nwaba 15 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (12/9/2017)

Does David Nwaba even have any traditional shooting guard skills or is he a big man trapped in a little man’s body? He’s not much of a passer from what I can see, he doesn’t orchestrate the offense, and he’s not much of a shooter despite the “shooting guard” label. His main selling points are that he is super quick and super bouncy. He’s sort of like an ultra-budget Russell Westbrook except he doesn’t hog the ball as much because he knows he can’t do anything with it in terms of playmaking.

We’ve seen some pretty good missed dunks this season, but Nwaba’s attempted poster on Kyle O’Quinn might have been the best of them. O’Quinn escaped with his life, but he might have PTSD flashbacks for a while after getting a mouthful of Nwaba’s nipples on that rack attack. Nwaba’s trio of real dunks were pretty sweet, but that missed dunk was even sweeter.

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