Patty Mills 20 Points Full Highlights (12/9/2017)

Patty Mills is sort of the “Forgotten Australian” of the NBA; he’s been around for so long, filling his role so competently and blandly that Australians don’t even care about him anymore. Him and Andrew Bogut and David Andersen are like the OG Australian ballers of this generation, but a new generation has arrived, leaving behind these old-timers.

By my estimation, the new generation of Australian ballers includes Dante Exum (RIP), Matthew Dellavedova, and Joe Ingles (even though he’s already balding and old). Ben Simmons doesn’t count because I want him to be American. Australians can inform me if my analysis of the generations is correct.

Even though I feel like Mills is sort of forgotten, we shouldn’t forget that he averaged 21 points per game for the Australian national team in the 2016 olympics. He was pretty much unstoppable. I think I will go watch highlights of those games now.

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