Steven Adams 21 Points Full Highlights (12/9/2017)

Once again, the unassuming Kiwi Steven Adams, together with fellow foreigner Alex Abrines outplayed the Thunder’s so-called “big three” and led the Thunder to a win against the Grizzlies. Okay, it’s more like the Grizzlies totally choked away their big lead because Marc Gasol is calling people out like he’s taking attendance, but Adams also played his part. I will now present the numbers from the game for your unbiased viewing and judgement:

Steven Adams: 21 points, 7/11 FG, 9 rebounds
Alex Abrines: 20 points, 7/10 FG, 6/8 3P, no other stats of note
Russell Westbrook: 20 points, 7/29 FG, 1/12 3P, 11 rebounds, 14 assists
Carmelo Anthony: 21 points, 7/20 FG, 2/6 3P, 9 rebounds
Paul George: 0 points, 0/0 FG, 0 minutes, did he die

Now that you have had the opportunity to assess the raw numbers from the game and form your own opinions on them, I will give you my opinion: Westbrook was a total chuck machine and brickmaker and I’m HAPPY that league opinion is turning against him. Adams is built like a god of antiquity and if he wanted to he could probably punch Westbrook into a coma. Those are my opinions.

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