Tyler Cavanaugh 14 Points Full Highlights (12/9/2017)

Tyler Cavanaugh is like the new Mike Muscala for the Hawks, except Mike Muscala is still on the team so there are actually two Mike Muscalas in Atlanta now. Cavanaugh can do all the normal Muscala things: he can shoot threes as long as the volume of shots isn’t too high, he can rebound at an acceptable rate for a big guy, he can have weird hair, and he can be white. Cavanaugh brings a little something extra to the table in that his eyeballs are recessed about eight inches into his skull and are like little white specks shining out of a black void.

It’s not a stretch to say that Cavanaugh won this game for the Hawks, their sixth win in 25 tries. If you do the math and remove Cavanaugh’s fourteen points from the Hawks’ score, they only would have scored 103, but the Magic still would have scored 110. How come he isn’t getting more attention for his heroic game-winning efforts?

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