Jrue Holiday 34 Points Full Highlights (12/10/2017)

Jrue Holiday’s contract is still insane, but if he keeps playing like he has been recently, it won’t be the worst one in the league. The Pelicans remain a big two with Davis and Cousins, but big three categorization is not too far off. 34 points for the second time in four games (typed out like that it doesn’t sound impressive at all, sorry) is something a legit part of a big three would do.

I’m wondering, though, if the version of Rajon Rondo we saw tonight, the “18 assists” version, is going to help or hurt Holiday. Someone who was really smart would say something like “Holiday has shown in the past to be a competent off-ball player” or “Without the ball in his hands, Holiday struggles to make an impact on the game”, but I’m not a smart man. All I can do is look at boxscores and parrot opinion that I see on the Internet.

I’ll just go with “Rajon Rondo will soon quit on this team as well so Holiday’s long-term prospects remain about the same”.

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