E’Twaun Moore Career High 36 Points Full Highlights (12/11/2017)

You have two cookies. You eat one. What do you do next?

E’twaun Moore!


(Special thanks to YouTube user Kyle Lowry (presumably not the real deal) for that joke. You da real MVP)

I chose the right Pelicans game to watch tonight. One of my favorite role-players, E’Twaun Moore, having the game of his life against James Har-en, scoring almost at will, even as everyone else playing on the court was doing the same thing. No defense chuckfests are fan-favorites for good reason; who doesn’t like buckets?

Moore had previously had a lot of trouble getting past the 24-point mark. He recently scored 27, breaking his curse, but now he has outdone all expectations that anyone had ever placed on him ever, with 36 points tonight. 36 points. E’Twaun Moore. No free throws, just buckets. 36 points on 20 shots. Can you even believe that? At least I don’t have to worry about typing “Career High” for any of his vids ever again after tonight. This is peak E’Twaun, and we are all witnesses.

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