Jordan Bell 11 Points Full Highlights (12/11/2017)

“Yes. Yes. I will create a Jordan Bell video,” I say out loud to myself as I dangerously tap my fingers together in the manner of a movie villain. “And by making it, I will expose all the bandwagon Warriors fans, who will watch only to prove that they can identify players on the team other than Durant and Curry!”

My kitty Japurri Purrker comes over to investigate why his owner is behaving so strangely, but when he ascertains my intent, he hops into my lap and purrs. “That’s right, Japurri. By attempting to disprove their own bandwagon-ness, they will instead be proving it to me! How devious a trap I have laid for them! And when they leave comments along the lines of ‘Jordan Bell is an underrated part of the Warriors’ system’ in order to further the false notion that they understand the Warriors more than a common bandwagoner, that is when their true nature will be laid most bare!”

I burst into uncontrolled, maniacal laughter as I hit the “publish” button on the YouTube upload interface.

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