Jarrett Allen 11 Points/3 Dunks/2 Blocks Full Highlights (12/12/2017)

I would say that Jarrett Allen seems to be further along in his development than is normal for a 19-year-old big man. Why do I say that? It’s not because of the dunks (which are sweet by the way) or the blocks (also sweet) or the fro (please let me touch it). I say that because his foul rate is actually reasonable.

Most young bigs have a problem where they can’t effectively defend the rim without fouling. They’ll often be fouling more than six times per 36 minutes, essentially relegating them to a bench role for the simple fact that they would foul out if they played starter minutes. Allen doesn’t have that problem because he only fouls two times a game in the sixteen minutes per game that he’s currently getting off the bench.

It’s too early to talk about steals of the draft, but it’s not too early to join me aboard the Jarrett Allen hype train.

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