Jeff Green 17 Points Full Highlights (12/12/2017)

My world has been thrown into a confused, swirling chaos. Why was Mike Fratello on the Cavaliers broadcast last night? It wasn’t a national game, the two normal dudes were still there (I call them “old white dude” and “dementia-addled black dude”), but then out of nowhere Mike Fratello starts commenting on plays like he’s been the Cavs’ third commentator since forever. At first I checked my browser to make sure I didn’t have another tab playing audio from a Nets game on top of the Cavs game I was watching.

I guess I can’t complain too much. The regular Cavs guys are annoying homers. Fratello at least wasn’t being a homer. If Fratello came in and just did all the games by himself, I would be more than fine with that. Instead, he disappeared sometime during the second quarter, he probably got up to get some popcorn and was never seen again, and all I heard him say was that Jeff Green is more consistent now that he’s found a niche with the Cavs’ second unit. Talk about the most lukewarm take ever.

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