Steven Adams 23 Points Full Highlights (12/13/2017)

We’re going to play the “explicitly enumerate the statlines of all the Thunder starters” game in the description because that’s always the most fun game there is.

Russell “Chucksell Statpadbrook” Westbrook: 10 points, 3/17 FG, 17 statpadded rebounds, 12 assists
Carmelo “Career in Shambles” Anthony: 12 points, 4/14 FG, 5 rebounds, 0 assists
Paul “Traitor” George: 12 points, 3/14 FG, 2 rebounds, 5 assists
Steven Adams: 23 points, 11/16 FG, 13 rebounds
Alex Abrines: 14 points, 5/8 FG

I will leave the the viewer to draw conclusions from those numbers, but I just want to interject for a moment: reading the above stats makes me feel justified having my channel focus on role-players because it turns out that, a lot of the time, the role-players are actually BETTER than the alleged “stars” that they have to share the ball with. Who knew?

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