Brandon Ingram 26 Points Full Highlights (12/14/2017)

I simply do not understand why they would rebrand Mountain Dew as “Mtn Dew”. It’s so stupid. Whenever I see it I pronounce it in my head as “Muhtin Dew”, instead of how god made it. Was the word “mountain” to long to fit in the logo? Obviously not. I’ve got a line of foam fingers that have my personal brand logo on them, “SuckMyDickPepsiCo”, and it fits just fine. Totally legible.

It’s not like I even like the stuff anymore. It was great for when I was in middle school and wanted to play MMORPGs all day, but now, even a can of it makes me all shaky and fuzzy-feeling. That stuff is drugs. I don’t know what kind, but I know that my productivity has skyrocketed since I dropped it and all other sodas out of my diet. Except for the occasional SunDrop. That stuff’s like Mountain Dew on steroids, so it’s a special treat, but man. So intense. So citrusy.

No, I’m not getting paid to hype SunDrop. Why would Brandon Ingram fans care what some dumbass YouTube highlight-maker has to say about carbonated beverages? This is just my opinion, and I’m sharing it.

My other opinion is that Ingram should have scored way more this game. No points in the fourth quarter? I was getting hyped for 30 or maybe 35 but he just stopped scoring instead. Lame.

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