Jose Calderon 17 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/14/2017)

The Cavaliers are almost unbeatable with Jose Calderon as their starting point guard. The guy who was brought in as Derrick Rose insurance is acting as exactly that, providing solid minutes full of vet savvy and not using too much ball.

On paper, he looks horrible. His defense, if it’s anything like years previous, is a total trainwreck. He doesn’t provide much on offense besides some vague threat of “spacing”. He’s old as heck, his hair is abandoning him faster than LeBron’s did, he wasn’t good last year. So how is he performing, if not well, at least passably?

LeBron’s habit of turning his favored role-players into superior versions of themselves is my answer. Remember, he managed to wring some minor usefulness out of Greg Oden. Working his magic with Calderon should be a piece of cake by comparison.

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