Dillon Brooks 14 Points Full Highlights (12/16/2017)

Dillon Brooks was a second-round pick who came in and did enough of the right things that he’s been awarded the starting shooting guard job (unless Tyreke Evans is the SG, in which case Brooks has been awarded the starting small forward job). That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are few players in the league who have started so many games yet score at a lower rate than Dilly-Dilly.

Before I type out the list, I just want you to know that Dilly-Dilly is probably the worst nickname ever, it contrived, it sucks, and I hate the Grizzlies commentators for coming up with it. I also hate the one Grizzlies commentator for saying “Bango!” after each three-pointer, and I hate the other one for always failing to complete his thoughts in a timely manner, and for starting to talk like he has an insightful point and then realizing halfway through that he doesn’t. Okay. Now that’s off my chest and I can give you the OFFICIAL LIST OF PLAYERS WHO HAVE STARTED TWENTY GAMES BUT SCORE FEWER THAN TEN POINTS PER 36 MINUTES:

1. Andre Roberson (6.5)
2. Jarrett Jack (9.0)
3. Stanley Johnson (9.2)
4. J.R. Smith (9.4)
5. Tony Snell (9.7) [is actually good tho, no lie]
6. Lonzo Ball (9.8) [bustaroni and cheese]
7. Dillon Brooks (10.0)

So, by that measure, Brooks might be one of the least-deserving starters in the league, but the Grizzlies have bigger problems than an over-performing second-round rookie, so I’m letting this one slide for now.

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