Ron Baker 11 Points Full Highlights (12/16/2017)

Here you go! It’s everyone’s favorite player to patronizingly cheer for due to their hair and the color of their skin, Ron Baker! 11 points! Wow! That is legitimately impressive and not impressive only because of how whitebread he is! Amazing!

I don’t see why people can’t instead patronizingly cheer for Ramon Sessions. That guy is way worse than Baker, so the cheering would be way more ironic. That’s the point, isn’t it? That’s what this channel is all about: glorifying the scrubs, elevating the role-players.

Realistically, there’s no reason Baker should be on an NBA court in favor of about a bunch of other dudes, but he’s not so bad. As I said, Sessons is worse, and so was Sim Bhullar in his day. In limited minutes, he’s maybe playing a little better than last year, flashing some decent PG skills, but it’s hard to tell. Give him a few years and we might have a legit backup PG on our hands.

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