Rodney Hood 26 Points Full Highlights (12/18/2017)

It totally evaded my detection, but Rodney Hood is averaging 17 points per game this season. That’s only, like, one point fewer than Donovan Mitchell, plus he’s more efficient, and he’s doing it off the bench, so why the heck are people hyped for Mitchell when they could be hyped for Hood instead? Your answer can’t use the words “rookie”, “dunking”, or “40-point game”.

I thought so. There is no good reason, no, not even a single one, that Hood shouldn’t be just as hyped as Mitchell. Fans across the world have been blinded by the media’s brazen sensationalism. Today, I remove the veil covering your eyes. Your hands raise up to protest, shielding your face from the blinding radiance of the truth, but I force them down. The golden aura fills your vision, and at least you see: Hood is just as good as Mitchell for real, not even being sarcastic or anything.

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