Kelly Olynyk Career High 32 Points Full Highlights (12/20/2017)

Kelly Olynyk really left it all out on the court tonight. The court that he called home for four years, now the site of a new triumph, a dominating offensive performance against the team that spurned him. The crowd that once cheered him, now sitting in stunned silence, their confused minds wondering if this is naught but a hallucination. But it is real. It is all too real. Six three-pointers, one transparent neckbeard, and one insane poster dunk that turned Olynyk’s knee into sludge.

Here’s the deal, Kelly: if you think that maybe something went wrong with your knee, don’t try to get up and start running. Each step is one more step closer to your ACL, MCL, PCL, XFL, all the stuff in there just exploding all over the place. A few seconds of defense isn’t worth your career, man.

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