Kris Dunn 10 Points/14 Assists Full Highlights (12/21/2017)

Kris Dunn fans will note that this performance bears an eerie resemblance to one he had last year with the Timberwolves, a 10-point 16-assist(how) effort back when everyone thought he was a bust for sure. This is still a pretty crazy passing display by him, but it’s not as mind-bendingly balls-to-the-wall insane-o mania like the last time.

With every game Dunn pulls further ahead of Jerian Grant in the Bulls’ point-guard battle. How I yearn for those days long past where it looked like they were roughly equivalent players. This is now the 10th game in a row where he has made at least five shots. I could use some clever wordplay and metaphors, or I could just tell you straight up: Grant can’t do that. He is simply incapable.

If someone finds evidence that proves me wrong, I will find that someone and send them unsolicited Burger King coupons. So don’t even think about trying.

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