Jordan Bell 20 Points Full Highlights (12/22/2017)

Let’s not pretend this performance is any more than it is. Bell displayed massive amounts of hustle and showed off his enthusiasm for rebounding, but at no point did he execute what could be termed a “move”: his scores were all a result of him being in the right place for a teammate to hit him with a pass, or being in the right place for a rebound. On the Warriors, that’s all a center needs to be successful; just look at JaVale “move-less” McGee or Zaza “Can’t Move” Pachulia. The center doesn’t necessarily need to shoot jumpshots or post people up or do any of that stuff. I don’t even know if Bell can do either of those things.

That said, how morose are Bulls fans feeling right now? Remember, Bulls leadership shipped away the pick that became Jordan Bell so they could have cash to buy new nacho cheese machines for the B Concourse. But having Bell on the Bulls, aside from having a pleasant, poetic lilt when said out loud, would mean that Robin Lopez could more easily be traded for MORE assets. Instead, Warriors bandwagoners get to drink up the hype for this guy while the rest of the league looks on in jealousy.

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