Delon Wright 14 Points Full Highlights (12/23/2017)

As a special Christmas gift in addition to Delon Wright scoring 14 points, you get to hear Raptors commentator Jack Armstrong’s rendition of three classic holiday carols! If you’re anything like me, your mind goes straight into a state of annoyance as soon as any of them are heard, but it’s a little better when a tuneless, raspy-voiced basketball personality sings them. Don’t miss out!

As for Wright, it seemed like every time he scored the 76ers had to call for timeout. That’s why we get all the singing. But they just couldn’t handle what he was doing on the court, and Brett Brown knew it. Wright has evolved into a semi-competent backup PG, even as his brother Dorell remains firmly out of the league. Is that fair? No, but we will always remember the year Dorell led the league in threes made and attempted.

Merry Christmas everybody! 30 vids today, now where the hell did I put that eggnog.

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