Dennis Schröder Career High 33 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/23/2017)

Dënniß ßchrööder, with this performance, has shown who the real savior of basketball in Germany is. It’s not Dirk Nowitzki, and it’s definitely not Maxi Kleber. Those two dudes are crying in their beds right now, knowing that they are obsolete. Can you guess who it is? You should be able to, if not, look at the title of this video and the answer will be revealed to you.

ßchrööder proves that Germany can produce players other than jump-shooting bigmen, and with the way the league is going (or at least was going, now everyone wants a Porzingis or Giannis), more flashy guards need to be produced at the international level. He’s not an incredible ball-handler or three-maker, but his quick first step, his straight-line speed, and his crafty around-the-basket antics are plenty exciting.

I’m somewhat surprised that this is his career-high. 35 seems plenty in reach for him, since this is the second time he’s scored 33. 35 is the official cutoff for when a career-high starts seeming “good” rather than just “okay”. Especially for a player like Dennis, who is ascending into “star” territory.

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