Ian Clark 19 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (12/23/2017)

This video should be considered a Christmas present to none other than Ian Clark himself, because nobody else cares about him enough for a highlight video of his on-court exploits to count as a “gift”. Since this video is for Clark and Clark only, I have attached a personal message to him:

“Hey Ian,

The overall NBA fandom doesn’t care about you at all, and the hordes of Warriors bandwagoners have forgotten that you exist, but I still care bro. When I saw you had nineteen points on only nine shots, it warmed by coal-black heart. I love it when struggling role-players show signs of life like you did.

If you could, in the spirit of Christmas, please send me a check for $100,000, that would be great. You’re awesome. I will be awaiting your check.


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