J.J. Barea 15 Points/12 Assists Full Highlights (12/23/2017)

I still feel uncomfortable making fun of J.J. Barea’s Puerto Rican-ness by portraying him in my video descriptions as a midget Mexican. It’s a been a few months since the hurricane, but I think the people of Puerto Rico are having a tough time of it (do all of them have electricity yet?) so it would be insensitive to refer to Barea as a Mexican in mock ignorance. Barea highlight videos should be a place of respite and comfort for Puerto Ricans, not a place where their national identity is attacked.

The Puerto Rico/Germany connection was so strong in this video that I think Germany is getting a big aid package ready for them right now. Barea started off the video by hitting Maxi Kleber for a perfect alley-oop, then spent the entire second half of the video diming up Dirk like he’s gonna retire before the next game. Barea’s aid packages to his teammates were well-received, but they weren’t enough, and the Mavericks lost to the Hawks, and emergency rations of Christmas cheer had to be distributed in the Mavs’ locker room after the game in the form of large glasses of spiked egg nog.

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