Khris Middleton 31 Points Full Highlights (12/23/2017)

Khris Middleton was great tonight, but I have to wonder about his potential game-tying shot with 9 seconds remaining. The Bucks had a whole timeout with which to come up with something good, like a good set to run or something, and they (probably just Jason Kidd actually) decide on “have Middleton iso against one of the league’s better perimeter defenders”? It was either that scenario or he just called his own number and ignored everyone else to be the hero. I can see him doing that as well, but I prefer to put the blame on Kidd here.

Still, 31 points is really nice, and he did hit a clutch three to put them down by one with 6 seconds left. No Giannis = no win, but the Bucks made it close due to his efforts. An All-Star berth is likely outside the realm of possibility, but it could maybe happen if he keeps scoring like he has been. Remember, do your civic duty and vote!

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