Manu Ginobili 15 Points Full Highlights (12/23/2017)

It’s impossible to talk about Manu Ginobili’s old-man scoring game without using the word “crafty”. You just can’t do it. You can try your hardest, but that word will always slip out of your mouth without your meaning it to, because it is the perfect word to describe how Ginobili continues to be a competent scorer at the grand old age of 40. As a test, I will try to make it the rest of the description without using that word.

The accuracy of Ginobili’s three-point shot has dropped off significantly from even his worst-ever three-point shooting season, when he shot 33% in the 08-09 season. I don’t know if his legs are osteoporosed or what, because he also failed to dunk the ball when he got a wide-open lane at the end of this video. Since his athleticism has clearly left the building, he relies on…tricksy…ways to score the ball, or he just waits until the defense has some kind of lapse that makes his job easy.

I was looking forward to a Vince Carter vs. Manu Ginobili battle last night, where two…creatively scoring…40-year-olds would go head-to-head, but VC didn’t play so that dream was dashed. It would have been like a macaroni and cheese commercial with how CRAFTY it was. Get it? Get it?


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