T.J. Warren 24 Points Full Highlights (12/23/2017)

T.J. Warren put on another one of his bucket-licious bucketeering displays tonight, hitting 12 two-point shots and not really doing anything else. An “Andrew Wiggins” type of performance, which is funny because he pretty much made Wiggins into his own personal bitchslave tonight. If you asked me after this game who the number 1 pick was, there’s no way I would say Wiggins. I probably wouldn’t say Warren either though. Maybe that Troy Daniels dude. That guy is the real deal.

24 points on 25 shots isn’t the most efficient statline in the universe, but if there was a hypothetical form of proto-basketball where the only way to score was by making two-point shots, it would’ve been a pretty damn good game. And in terms of highlights, it’s already good. So many buckets.

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