Daniel Theis 12 Points Full Highlights (12/25/2017)

It was mentioned in the commentary of this game that Daniel Theis is not a good shooter, so of course I had to trek over to his basketball-reference page and peruse the numbers for myself. What I saw is that Theis is a cool 5/26 from three-point land (shades of rookie John Wall), but a deeper dive reveals that he’s actually a competent midrange shooter, making almost 60% of his looks from those spots on the floor.

My guess is that Theis is not quite used to the further-away American three-point line. However, midrange shots are the same distance everywhere, no matter which backwards foreign land you previously played in, so that part of his game translated seamlessly. Hopefully those numbers aren’t a fluke and that Theis, over time, expands his range so that we can more easily compare him to Dirk and subtly undermine his confidence.

Speaking of backwards foreign lands, when are we gonna see Vitor Faverani back in Celtics green where he belongs?

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