Terry Rozier 16 Points Full Highlights (12/25/2017)

I didn’t watch as much Christmas day basketball as I would have hoped, so I can’t really tell you what happened for the Celtics to lose to the Wizards. All I can say is that the Celtics got EXPOSED on national television for all of America to see. An entire nation, cocooned in torn-up wrapping paper and drinking egg nog, watching with wide eyes as the alleged best team in the East gets defeated by a fairly average Wizards team.

I was too busy playing Rimworld for five hours straight to even be aware that Terry Rozier had a good game until I looked at the stats this morning (thank you Santa for the Steam gift card because you know that game is never going on sale). Rozier’s career highlight might be stealing the ball against the Pacers and getting a game-winning dunk while the Pacers commentators say “oh no” over and over, but these highlights are pretty nice too, and they even include a dunk (sadly, not of the game-winning variety).

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