Jamil Wilson 17 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (12/26/2017)

Usually, when a player scores fourteen or some other large amount in the first quarter of a game, I get unreasonably hyped and start expecting huge point totals, like fifty or more. However, that didn’t happen for me when Jamil Wilson scored fourteen points in the first quarter of this game. Don’t mourn for my hype glands, I think they’re in good working order because I have gotten hyped before and since. I just had an understanding that Wilson has never shown the ability to put up huge amounts of points in the NBA (maybe the G-League though), so there would be no reason to expect him to do so even after his hot start.

Wilson ended up playing only 19 minutes in this game despite his quick fourteen points, so it’s a good thing I didn’t become overhyped for him. If my hype had gotten bad enough, I would be beside myself, driving around Los Angeles right now and begging (through texts) Doc Rivers’ family for the address to his home so I could punch him out. I can do weird things when I get too hyped and, despite my normally non-violent nature, violence towards NBA coaches who are bigger than me is one of them.

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