Jarrett Allen 12 Points Full Highlights (12/26/2017)

I don’t understand how NBA players can perform when their parents are in attendance. Don’t they get nervous? Knowing that they’re up there, judging everything you do, wishing you were doing better?

I know, for me at least, I can’t do anything if my parents are watching. On one occasion when I had them over to my place, my dad barged in while I was doing highlights, looked over my shoulder and asked “What are you doing there?”. I was making one of my three-ilations and I started dragging clips all over the place and messing up the audio, it was really a mess, and I responded “You know… stuff” which was my way of saying to get the hell out of my highlights cave but then he just stood there and watched me as I destroyed my previous work. I basically ruined a whole three-ilation because of him. Good thing it didn’t matter in the end because they all got taken down anyway, but still. I have a lock on that door now.

So it’s a surprise that Jarrett Allen scored 12 (on 6 shots!!!!!) while his whole family was in the stands. If I were in his position, first off I wouldn’t be dunking it, second I wouldn’t be scoring points because I’d be way undersized, and third it wouldn’t even be my parents it would be his so that wouldn’t be a problem actually.

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