C.J. Miles 20 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (12/27/2017)

For some reason, the Raptors commentators were really obsessed with having C.J. Miles receive and shoot the ball. Maybe they were frustrated with DeRozan’s 0-of-3 or Lowry’s 2-of-7 from three, but it’s not like Miles didn’t attempt enough three-pointers; he took twelve of them, the most of any Raptors player this season. Or maybe they were just excited to have a true three-point threat back in the lineup and were eager to see how thoroughly they could blow teams out of the water with their newly-returned bench assassin.

Well, the Raptors actually lost to the Thunder, so the “blowing out teams with three-point shooting off the bench” strategy hasn’t quite paid dividends yet, but there’s no doubt that Miles’ streaky, sometimes blistering-hot shooting will have an impact for the Raptors. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have do some more research on this other C.J. Miles that comes up when you search the name on YouTube. She’s pretty. I think I love her.

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