Nik Stauskas 21 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (12/27/2017)

I don’t understand why the 76ers felt the need to try and destroy Nik Stauskas’ career by not playing him at the beginning of the season. He’s not great or amazing or anything, but isn’t another shooter just the thing to put around Embiid and Simmons? And not just any shooter, but a young shooter, one who will be able to shoot for years to come unlike J.J. Redick who will explode his knees at a moment’s notice?

76ers fans are free to tell me how I’m wrong and how garbage of a player he was for them. They know best, but I also know that pure shooters like him don’t grow on trees, or on shrubs, or on bushes.

The Nets have him now, and they’re also not using him to his fullest extent, I feel. He had that perception-altering debut, one other good game, and that was about it, until tonight. Even here, he had to wait until 3 minutes were left in the third quarter and his team was getting blown out before he got to hit a three. He then hit a whole bunch more while sharing the court with a something called “Doyle”. He’s never made 7 threes before, so that’s cool, and actually the list of dudes who’ve made 7 threes in a game this year isn’t very long. So that’s cool too.

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