Quincy Acy 18 Points Full Highlights (12/27/2017)

I already talked about Quincy “Assy” Acy’s inability to make two-point field goals this season, but I’m looking at the stats again and it’s blowing my mind as hard as it did the first time so I think I have to bring it up again.

After tonight, 38 threes made versus 11 twos. That’s insane for a guy who couldn’t even shoot when he came into the league. I’m sorry, did I imply that he can shoot now? Because he can’t. Sub 30-percent shooting coming tonight, not from three, from the FIELD, it’s actually even worse from inside the arc.

It’s a good thing he hustles all the time and has intangibles or whatever because if he didn’t he would be SO out of the league right now.

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