Steven Adams 18 Points Full Highlights (12/27/2017)

In the past I have compared Steven Adams’ statlines to those of his alleged “superstar” teammates in order to make him look like the Thunder’s best player. Let’s try it again and see if it works:

Steven “KIWI GOAT” Adams: 8/9 FGs, 9 rebounds
Russell “Empty Triple Doubles” Westbrook: 11/22 FGs, 13 assists, 8 rebounds
Paul “Talks About Staying in OKC but Knows the Salary Cap Won’t Allow It” George: 11/17 FGs, 7/10 3PT, 8 rebounds
Carmelo “Inefficient ISO Chucker in Decline” Anthony: 8/15 FGs

Despite the crude yet incisive nicknames I have assigned to OKC’s big three, they all had good games by their standards, making Adams’ contributions seem less important than they usually are. So let’s compare him to some of the Thunder scrubs:

Alex “Marginalized” Abrines: 6 minutes, 0/0 FGs, two fouls
Dakari “Who is He” Johnson: 16 seconds, 1 rebound
Terrance “Got Yelled at by Joe Ingles” Ferguson: 16 seconds, no stats

Man, Steven Adams is way better than those guys and it’s not close. Take that scrubs.

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