Taj Gibson 20 Points Full Highlights (12/27/2017)

Taj Gibson’s heart was aching. Every time he remembered the sight of Karl-Anthony’s naked body slapping against Brianna, a literal jolt of pain went through his chest. He had no desire to eat, socialize, or even play basketball. The only thing he could think of that would ease his mental and spiritual pain was to write in his diary.

Forcing himself up off the sofa where he had spent the last ten hours lying in depression, he retrieved the small, leather-bound book from his shelf and began to write a new poem in it.

“Brianna, you are the one I love from afar
Your smile lights my life like a glittering star
Our souls connect like no two have ever
Betray you or hurt you, I will never

I saw you having sex with Karl-Anthony
My heart and mind were filled with jealousy
To see something costly being given for free
Is the greatest pain; why can’t it be me?

The poems I pen for you are heartfelt indeed
But you were wooed by Towns, a hot young steed
He may satisfy your carnal pleasures well
But pleasures of the heart, he could never quell

Forgiveness is what I now offer you
Because I can see that your spirit is true
There exists a bond that goes deeper than sex
That is what I offer, and I hope I might be next”

Taj read over the words he had written and smiled for the first time in forever. With this poetry, he felt that his scarred soul had begun to heal.

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