Will Barton 28 Points Full Highlights (12/27/2017)

Will Barton has been in a bit of slump scoring the ball lately, but has tried to even things out by dropping more dimes than ever. That’s an admirable effort, but the impression I get from Nuggets fans is that he simply has too much ball time for how good he is. I can imagine how his play would be annoying; lots of the threes here are simply way too swaggy. Although I think if it was up to them, no one would get to touch the ball except for Jokic and people Jokic is passing to to try and get assists.

Barton broke out of his slump tonight, scoring 28 and hitting some clutch shots/free throws at the end of regulation. Sometimes what you need when trying to make up a late deficit is swaggy threes and swaggy other things, sometimes you need a guy who is just willing to take shots. Barton is that guy! Or something. I think I’m getting caught up in the narrative a little bit here, so I’m going to back off a bit and analyze things rationally and objectively. Please wait.

Okay! Conclusion reached: chicken wing prices are going up dramatically even though they are objectively the worst part of the chicken. The chicken wing lobby is exultant in victory, having convinced the American public that wing consumption is an integral part of the sports-watching experience.

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