Taurean Prince Career High 30 Points Full Highlights (12/29/2017)

I’m still hard at work polishing up chapter two of my upcoming “Taurean Prince” sci-fi/fantasy (sci-fantasy) novel. Tentative title being “Twilight Over Taures”, though that may change. The word “twilight” is definitely gonna be part of it though, because I’ve learned that there’s nothing more fantasy-evoking than the concept of twilights/crepuscules/dawns/dusks. So, yeah, keep an eye out for that. It’s coming in your subscription box some time this season.

The novel’s not really done yet, but the concept is all there, pages and pages of notes and outlines and stuff, so I’ve decided to branch out into merchandising. Basically, if you want a little plush toy of Ferland (the main character) or Freylin (the main character’s bitch sister), hit me up and we can discuss shipping options. 30 bucks for the plushie. Real quality stuff too, not any Chinese-made slave-labor crap here. I got my mom to make them. I tried to use a sewing machine once and I almost sliced my left nut off (long story).

Also I bought a book at Barnes and Noble about video game development and I’m gonna make an RPG about the story. An RPG with base-building elements. Did I say open world? This thing is gonna be an open-world RPG with base-building elements. Also half the game will be a space simulator. I tried looking at the book a little bit but I started getting a headache but I know I can do this. Just make the world, have some dudes run around in it, there you go. Simple. I’m not gonna pay some hotshot game dev a million bucks to do something I can do just fine by myself.

Remember, hit me up if you want some official Taurean Prince merch. And don’t forget to donate to my Kickstarter. These games don’t pay for themselves you cheap bastard.

Also, sorry the video is so shaky. Both the Raptors and Hawks streams were this way, so you’ll have to deal with a minor headache if you want to watch Taurean Prince (the real NBA one) score 30 real NBA points.

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