Dario Saric 20 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/30/2017)

Dario Saric actually went 6-of-15 from the field in this game, which isn’t that good, but his budget LeBron statline (20/9/6) looked good enough that I made the highlight video anyway. Lately I’ve been punishing players who score lots of points but do so in an inefficient manner by not making vids for them. Like when Marreese Speights scored 16 points on 5/13 FGs, 2/8 3PT, and then fouled out in fifteen minutes? Yeah dude, you’re gonna need to do better than that if you want a spot on my channel.

Saric gets a bit higher priority because he is a Euro and Euros will always drive extra views, even if a country like Croatia isn’t as balls-out for its countrymen as some other nearby countries. Plus, six assists from a big dude can cover up for the inefficient scoring. Ben Simmons does it all the time.

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