Reggie Bullock Career High 22 Points Full Highlights (12/30/2017)

I bet there is a not-insignificant portion of NBA “fans” out there who don’t realize that a human named Reggie Bullock is playing in the league, much less realize that he’s starting for a playoff team. I don’t blame them. The Pistons on their best day are not very exciting (would be more exciting if you played Marjanovic you dumbos), and Bullock himself is even less exciting than their average player. He’s one of those “solid” guys who stays out of the way and doesn’t try to do too much.

At least, until they put him into the starting lineup for real these last 10 or so games. I’m not going to call him a “scorer” yet, but he’s demonstrating that he can put the ball in the hole when it comes down to it. He even called his own number a few times this game, which I don’t know if I’ve ever seen from him. 22 points is definitely not something I’ve ever seen from him, no one has, but it has now happened and it’s about as awesome as I imagined.

Once you’re done watching this video, you can tell your grandkids that you once saw Reggie Bullock totally outplay Kawhi Leonard. They won’t know what you’re talking about and assume it’s another one of your demented ramblings, but they can’t take this away from you.

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