Tyler Cavanaugh 13 Points Full Highlights (12/30/2017)

Are Tyler Cavanaugh’s eyes a really weird color or am I imagining things? I feel like he could walk into a Twilight convention and just slay absolute poon because every girl there would think he was a sparkly vampire. His paler-than-a-full-moon skin and rigid cheekbones wouldn’t help the situation there. Even I’m finding myself drawn into his slate-gray eyes which are inexplicably five shades lighter than the eyes of a normal human being.

Eye color and vampirishness aside, Cavanaugh has been playing very well in his rookie season, so well that he became the second player to have their two-way G-League contract into a full contract. The first guy to have that happen was Mike James of the Suns and he got waived soon after that, but I think Cavanaugh has a good chance to stick around for at least the rest of this season if he keeps his shooting up. Unlike that James guy, Cavanaugh doesn’t hog the ball and he doesn’t force shots, although it would be hilarious and awesome to see him try to do both of those things.

Meanwhile, Mike Muscala lies in a hospital bed and weeps bitterly every time Cavanaugh has a good game.

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