Josh Hart Career High 26 Points Full Highlights (12/31/2017)

I am of the opinion that career-highs set in games with overtime periods shouldn’t count (did Wilt need extra time to get 100???? hell to the no), but I’m willing to concede the point, because most people don’t agree with me on this. So, with the aid of a couple of OTs, Josh Hart got a totally legit and not asterisked at all career-high in points, with 26. Wow! That total is not marred at all by the amount of bonus time that was added to the game because it was tied!

It’s an impressive amount of points for him, far surpassing anything he had accomplished before, and it’s even more impressive when you think that it’s over a quarter of the way to Wilt’s 100. Like, he only needed to score four times as many points to become the all-time single-game scoring king? That’s insane to me. This is Josh Hart. The guy who, before tonight, was lucky to get double digits.

Some of those missed free throws would have been useful, both for him (30 points!) and the Lakers (a win!), but that’s a minor criticism.

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