Kris Dunn 19 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (12/31/2017)

I’m feeling a little lazy, and maybe I’ve already starting celebrating New Year’s with maybe some imbibements, so I pulled out an unused Kris Dunn description from last season which should be at least a little relevant today. Enjoy!

Kris Dunn is a busteroni and cheese pizza, with a side of extra saucy bust sticks. He sucks, and I hate him, and he’s never going to be good, ever. The Timberwolves drafted him to be good right now, and he isn’t, maybe if he was younger this would be acceptable but it’s not because he’s older than Methuselah right now. Ricky Rubio is the point guard of Minnesota’s future, and Dunn should just go crawl into a dumpster and pretend he’s in a coffin. Pretend that the worms are eating his decomposing flesh while regretting every single life decision he has ever made. Because he sucks. His sucky life decisions lead him to this sucky fate.

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