Trevor Ariza 26 Points Full Highlights (12/31/2017)

It feels like Trevor Ariza should be about 40 years old given how long he’s been in the league, but somehow he’s only 32. 32 and still playing big minutes in basically every game for the Rockets. The way he’s going, maybe he can get to 40. He’s already limited on offense to shooting only threes, which is the kind of game that ages well.

Of course, one injury can change all that. Kobe was looking immortal until that Achilles. It’s easy to say “that guy can play until he’s 40” but it’s another thing altogether to go out there and do it. I know when I’m 40 my highlight-making abilities will be so degraded that I’ll only be able to do one video of future scrubs per day. If I’m even still in the business. By that time I’m sure the NBA’s own highlight-making technology will far surpass that of mere fans.

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