Tyler Ennis Career High 20 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (12/31/2017)

The Lakers got two unexpected career-highs from two of their more marginal players, but it was not enough to overcome James Hardflop and Chris Whinybitchaul and the referees. Josh Hart’s 26 was impressive, but equally as impressive was Tyler Ennis’ 20 points, tying a career-high in that category, and 11 assists, which is somehow 1 short of a career-high.

I’m really sorry I didn’t do highlights of him getting 12 assists that one time. He was even on the Bucks when he did it. I’m so sorry.

Ennis took it straight to Chris Paul on a number of occasions tonight, something that he shouldn’t be able to do. Paul is touted as a good defender; that injury must have really messed him up if he was getting repeatedly torched by Ennis. Ennis continued his assault in the 2nd overtime, scoring some big hoops and putting the team on his back, but as I said, it was not enough. Not quite. It was definitely enough, though, to make me seriously question Lonzo Ball’s value to the team. Yeah, I’m going there.

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