Pat Connaughton 16 Points Full Highlights (1/1/2018)

Pat “Irish Kobe” Connaughton (sorry Johnny O’Bryant I’m temporarily repurposing your nickname) may be one of the least stat-prone players in the league. Like a white Tony Snell. Just kind of out there, sometimes shooting threes, sometimes not, acting as a 5th man who doesn’t necessarily need or even want the ball. Still, he’s a rotation player, and that’s a success no matter how you slice it for a second-round draft pick.

I’m still recovering from the affects that 24-point game he had to start this season had on me, I think. That was an insane performance. I’m going to go rewatch that video instead of thinking about this one anymore. This one’s fine, but is it 24 while destroying the Suns by 50? No.

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