Thon Maker 16 Points Full Highlights (1/1/2018)

For one of the few (only?) times this season, Thon Maker did a significant amount of positive stuff on the court, enough to outweigh the negatives. He could have had even more points if he could catch a pass in any sort of traffic, but I’m going to take the handful of three-pointers and the surprisingly springy (normally he gets stuffed by the rim or simply catches and lands before losing the ball) alley-oop finish and be happy.

The nation of Canada will have a different opinion after how bad he keeps dominating them, but Maker hasn’t performed as expected this season. The Bucks are thinking about trading for DeAndre Jordan basically because he’s almost unplayably bad a lot of the time. John Henson already isn’t the greatest player in the world, but things go dramatically south when Maker comes in game. If he could stop fouling and work on those stone hands of his, he’d be a lot better, but stone hands are an incurable curse. Has anyone ever fixed them?

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