De’Aaron Fox 17 Points Full Highlights (1/2/2017)

I would love it if the Kings can, for once in their miserable history, successfully develop a rookie or set of rookies while also transforming themselves into a winning team. De’Aaron Fox has negative win shares right now and isn’t really helping the Kings in the win column by being a bottom-five starting point guard, but it’s a development year. Of course he’s going to suck and of course the Kings are going to suck.

Remember when I called John Wall a bust all those times back when he was a young player? I definitely learned my lesson after those incidents. De’Aaron Fox is definitely not a bust at this moment and he won’t be unless he fails to significantly develop by his fourth year. However, the Kings have a habit of turning their prospects into big old bowls of bustaroni and cheese, so I’m currently praying for Jesus to transport me to an alternate timeline where Fox gets to develop behind Kyrie in Boston for three years and then averages 20/8 for the rest of his career.

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