Ersan Ilyasova 21 Points Full Highlights (1/2/2018)

The three-pointer by Ersan Ilyasova at 1:00 of this vid might be the wettest three of the season so far. Scratch that. It IS the wettest three of the season so far. A perfectly perfect rainbow, dropping directly into rim and volcanoing the net.

If that is not enough to get you to watch this video, then you are beyond saving. Go enjoy some PUBG Twitch streams with your lame-ass friends you frickin’ pleb.

That triple seriously reminded me of the one Dirk Nowitzki hit in the playoffs against the Heat that one time. I can’t remember if that was while he was winning the title, I bet it was, but it was maybe even a little better than this one. Certainly had more of a vertical element to it. But tonight’s was more recent, and thus, better. Why do they call this guy the “Turk Dirk”? Because of shots like that.

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